Zozo is one of the main demons that you can contact while on a spirit board. Zozo can can disguise his name in a multiple of different names. Most commonly for girls is Kayla, Hannah, Nancy, and Skyler. For men are, Brad, Dave, and most recently callan.

To contact Zozo or any other demon ask if there is anyone there. If it goes to yes ask how old they are. If they answer with 0, then they are a demon. Ask their name. However you do not always make contact with Zozo or other demons. With this being said Zozo or any other demons you contact can still "haunt" or "possess" you and or who ever was at the Oujia board.

Whoever it is, is what you get to talk to. Be absolutely polite to demons or even anyone when talking on the Ouija board. Sometimes you can't trust any demons especially Zozo.

Zozo is the most known demon. He or any other demon could come out and posess someone in your group of friends. But more people means less chances of Zozo possessing you. That is why you should never play by yourself.

If you don't want to talk to Zozo, then just say goodbye. If you say goodbye but you are by yourself or in a party of 2 or 3, you/they may already be in danger.

I am not responsible for anything that happens to anyone who wants to try and contact Zozo. I am not encouraging anyone to try this.

Most recently Zozo has taken over the body of a young girl Jazmin Berry 

Jazmin was last seen Friday afternoon at 2:34pm where she bit a student because ZOZO promised her eternal life  

Jazmin started to draw symbols to conjure ZoZo then she started to act odd. She then started to wear her hair down and it resembled a horses beautiful hair. She then disappeared and has never been seen again.      

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