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Waverly Hills Sanatorium (sometimes titled "Waverly Hills") is the fourth episode of Season 4 of Ghost Adventures. Waverly Hills Sanatorium was the final destination for thousands of tuberculosis patients. Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate its dark history and summons spirits that are still roaming the halls of this derelict building. This place is known for its investigators to come face-to-face with their own doppelganger. Also, a demonic creature is supposed to attack with only one warning: a whistle. Also, a pregnant nurse, who was rumored to have contracted tuberculosis, committed suicide by hanging. And also a figure of a young boy known as Tim that being said to be spotted and currently being active. Are the spirits of the patients and some staff still roaming the halls of the sanatorium?  




  • Physical contact: Nick starts getting pains in his sides like pressure is squeezing him
  • EVP: "Give me a break", "Remember me?", "That would be evil", "I forgot to make him smile", "Keep on dragging from the bad drugs we took", "Going to get Zack", "Yo're not going to make it", "I'll keep him", "2010", "Nurse, come here, make my bed... Nurse?", "He can't stop you", "Good luck tonight", "So what", "You got messed uo heartbeats"
  • Residual noises: Whistle, stepping, moaning, and banging.
  • EMF fluctuation: A rem pod goes off, more than 3 times, and ironically, when Zak says to walk away from it, it stops buzzing and goes back off.
  • Visual sighting: Zak claims an unseen force grabs his ankle.
  • Physical contact: Zak begins to get an overwhelming sense of laziness while in the morgue.
  • Visual sighting: Aaron claims to have seen Nick's doppelganger.
  • Physical contact: Aaron claims to have had an energy hit him and chase him out of a room.
  • Apparition: Using the full spectrum camera, the GAC captured 2 black apparitions moving down and across the hallway.


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