Wallie Luna
Gender Male
Role Video & Photo Technician, LVPI
Appeared in "Houghton Mansion"
"Bonnie Springs Ranch"

Osvaldo "Wallie" Luna is the video and photo technician for Las Vegas Paranormal Institute (LVPI).

He and lead investigator, Michael Carrico analyzed the evidence captured by the Ghost Adventures Crew during the investigations of "Houghton Mansion" and "Amargosa Opera House". Later, along with fellow investigator Christy Silva, he would help Aaron and Nick investigate the Wax Museum at "Bonnie Springs Ranch".


Las Vegas Paranormal Institute
Michael CarricoOsvaldo LunaChristy Silva
Season 4 Guests
Dave SchraderHollywood Ghost Hunters (Kane HodderRick McCullumR.A. Mihailoff) • Mark ConstantinoDebbie ConstantinoWallie LunaChristy Silva

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