The Haunted Museum is the season finale of season 12 of Ghost Adventures. The GAC investigate the Zak Bagans' Deadly Possessions Museum, a mansion that is being converted into a museum for the haunted items Zak has collected over the years. They investigate to find answers for the construction crew that were scared out of the location after coming into contact with spirits.

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • EVPs: "I need help"
  • Physical Contact: One of the interviewees Erika suddenly becomes emotionally impacted by a freezing presence around her and begins to cry
  • Physical Harm: Following the interview with Erika, she notices scratch marks on one of her hands\
  • Moving Object: The cuckoo clock unexplicably begins ticking

Investigation Edit

  • Disembodied Voices: Laughter, Voice
  • Apparition/Physical Contact: Right after Zak commands the spirit to show itself, the SLS camera picks up a figure that momentarily appears in mid-air. Immediateiy following, Zak becomes dizzy
  • Apparition/Equıpment Malfunction: The SLS camera picks up a figure on the right part of the screen which seemingly tries to peek its head around to view the camera. Seconds later the camera malfunctions
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels very cold from the momet he walks into Dr. Kevorkian's room
  • Visual Sighting: Billy claims to see something pass in front of the stain glass window
  • Unexplained Noises: Noise, Footsteps
  • EVPs: "Zak Bagans", "Secret"
  • Physical Contact: Aaron can feel a strong pocket of energy where the footsteps were heard
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Unexplained GROWL", "Villisca", "Play", "DROP IT", "England", "Hello there", "Demon", "Witches"
  • Physical Contact: Everyone can feel a very dark energy when doing the spirit box session in the doll room
  • Physical Contact: When "Hello there" is captured on the spirit box, several of the REM pods surroundin the doll begin to light up
  • Possession: Off camera Aaron allegedly tells Billy some disturbing things which he claimed was more as a joke, such as stabbing Billy in the throat
  • Puck Device: "Living", "Dead"
  • Visual Sighting/Physical Contact: Zak feels something touch his back and sees something move in front of him
  • Other Phenomena: The light close to where Jay is sleeping mysteriously turns on and off twice
  • Moving Object/Visual Sighting: The camera that is shooting Jay while he sleeps moves three times and then shuts off. Jay claims to see a shadow figure pass behind it after it happens. Shortly after, they discover the bed was moved slightly, the carpet slightly ruffled, and the camera plug out of the socket