Stone Lion Inn is the first episode of Season 14 of Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Adventures crew investigates the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where it is said the owner performs satanic rituals in the local cemetery. Zak also uncovers the truth about what happened to the famous outlaw Elmer McCurdy after his death.

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • EVPs: "#?@! him, #?@! her"
  • Puck Device: "Hang", "Yes", "Homicide", "Empath", "Phone", "Hang", "All"

Investigation Edit

  • Spirit Box Voices: "Hang", "The kid", "Unexplained child's voice", "Ghost hunting", "Because I had to"
  • Moving Object: A door on the second door is captured opening by itself
  • Physical Contact: They all begin to hear noises in the bedroom
  • Physical Contact: Zak begins to hear noises around him in the bedroom
  • Unexplained Noises: Footsteps
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels as if something is put into his butt
  • Moving Object/Equipment Malfunction/Apparition: The IR light of the upstairs camera is completely drained. Shortly after the camera "that was recording" is knocked over, followed by an anomaly darting away from the camera few seconds after
  • Moving Object: While everyone is at nerve center to review Aaron's spirit box session, the door to nerve center is seen opening which caught the crew's attention
  • Moving Object: Right after Zak commands the entity to close the door, the door is captured sharply shutting on camera inside and outside
  • Equipment Malfunction: Aaron's spirit box at nerve center suddenly turns on itself by a spirit and begins malfunctioning after a voice says "Because I had to"
  • Equipment Malfunction: The spirit box at nerve center suddenly turns on on its own leaving the 4 crew members in total shock