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Star of India is the sixth episode of Season 12 of Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Adventures Crew climbs aboard the Star of India, a 150-year-old merchant ship docked in San Diego that is part of the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Once a vessel for immigrants across the seas, it now carries the souls of suicide victims and creepy children.

Evidence Edit

Investigation Edit

  • Unexplained Noises: Noises, Door knob turning
  • Physical Contact: Zak begins feeling vertigo as if the boat is swaying back and forth
  • Disembodied Voices: Unexplained voice, Unexplained female voice (x2)
  • EVPs: "No...I just gave up", "Yeah, Zak man"
  • Physical Contact: After capturing the EVP, Zak feels overcome with sadness
  • Spirit Box Voices: "GOTCHA", "Can't find"
  • Other Phenomena: The compass begins moving with no explanation
  • Physical Contact/Other Phenomena: Everyone experiences a large cold mass of air and dizziness and while this happens the aluminum in the glass moves two times
  • Physical Harm: Aaron feels like he is pushed back and then begins feeling extreme chest pain
  • Apparition: A light anomaly shoots at Aaron
  • Apparition: The kinect cam picks up a small figure near Zak
  • Other Phemonena: At the same time the figure is captured, Zak's figure strangely isn't being mapped in
  • Physical Contact: Billy feels his heart rate go up
  • Apparition: A light anomaly is captured on one of the x cameras

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