Slim Ritchie
Gender Male
Role Professional Video Analyst
Appeared in Ghost Adventures: The Beginning

Slim Ritchie is a professional video analyst.

The Ghost Adventures Crew took their clip of the apparition that appeared during Ghost Adventures: The Beginning to Ritchie, to have its authenticity professionally verified. His analysis concluded that there was no altering or tampering of the original footage at all.

Later, Zak and Nick presented their footage of the flying brick incident to Ritchie. He determined from both the trajectory and the spinning motion of the brick that takes flight that there was no way it was launched or pulled by any man-made means, and there is no attached string visible in the video footage. Another thing about the footage Ritchie discovered upon cleaning it up is that after the large board from the left falls on the ground, there is another small board at the right corner of the room that briefly flew in the opposite direction along the far wall.

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