Skinwalker Canyon is the seventh episode of Season 14 of Ghost Adventures. GAC is given special permission from the Navajo Nation to investigate the Ojo Amarillo Canyon, known to paranormal enthusiasts as Skinwalker Canyon, a place where many residents refuse to enter in fear of encountering shape-shifting creatures.

Evidence Edit

Investigation Edit

  • Other Phenomena: Upon arrival at the cave, the guys discover remnants of a recent sacrificial ritual
  • Physical Contact: As the guys enter the cave, they feel a menacing energy
  • Physical Contact: Aaron says he hears a woman speak
  • Visual Sighting: Billy says he sees eyes in some bushes
  • Scents and Odors: Zak and Billy smell rotting flesh
  • Physical Contact: Aaron claims he hears a voice again
  • Disembodied Voices: "GROWL" (x2), "Unexplained screech" (x2)
  • Other Phenomena: The sound of a pack of coyotes is captured, which may be a form of the skinwalkers
  • Apparition: Zak captures a pair of glowing eyes with the night vision binoculars
  • Visual Sighting: Zak sees a dark shadow figure move behind Billy but it didn't capture on video.
  • Apparition/Other Phenomena: At the same time a pack of coyotes is heard again, a flash of light is seen at the end of the cave
  • Physical Contact: Jay begins receiving chills throughout his body
  • EMF fluctuation/Physical Contact: At the same time Aaron feels something touch him, the temperature begins rapidly fluctuating
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels frozen after hearing the growl. Billy meets with him and they both feel an intense energy
  • Apparition: The X camera captures a glowing orb that moves down the mountain
  • Scents and Odors: Aaron smells rotting flesh after meeting with Zak and Billy

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