Silent Movie Theater is the fifth episode of Season 14 of Ghost Adventures. The crew arrive in sunny Los Angeles to investigate the infamous Silent Movie Theater. Zak delves deep into a famous murder, learns of the strange death of a beloved savior of silent films and even contacts a deceased movie star.

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • Visual Sighting: Mike sees the dark silhouette of a figure walk through a doorway
  • Disembodied Voices: Unexplained whispering
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Yes"
  • Apparition: The thermal cam picks up a heat signature on one of the seats that seems to show an unknown entity sitting down
  • Unexplained Noises: Scraping sound
  • Physical Contact: An energy goes into Zak and makes him want to run

Investigation Edit

  • Apparition/Physical Contact: At the same time Billy feels something on his neck, the kinect camera captures a tiny figure touching his neck
  • Visual Sighting: Billy sees something move down the hall
  • Unexplained Noises: Footsteps, Thrown object, Squeaking sound (x5)
  • Scents and Odors: Aaron and Billy smell a bad, rotten egg smell
  • Visual Sighting: Zak sees a glowing face in the theater
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Peter", "Unexplained man's voice", "Cancer"
  • Puck Device: "Larry", "Memories"
  • Apparition: The camera in the theater captures a large orb follow Zak and then move away
  • Apparition/Physical Contact: At the same time Zak feels his right arm vibrating, the kinect camera captures a quick white flash over his arm
  • Physical Contact: Everyone feels an icy cold energy
  • Apparition/Physical Contact: At the same time Aaron feels a cold pocket of air, the kinect camera captures a figure next to him that appears to try and put one of the seats in the upright position
  • EVPs: "Help me"

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