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"Sallie House"
Original Airdate: 01/17/15
Season 10 / Episode 6
Atchison, KS

Sallie House is the sixth episode of Season 10 of Ghost Adventures. Ghost Adventures travel to Kansas to explore the violent spirits dwelling inside the Sallie House. Zak invites a former tenant to investigate, but it results in a spirit attacking the tenant and causing a welt on his neck.

Preliminary Investigation in a pencil ;) Edit

Investigation Edit

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation

  • Physical Harm: Jay is scratched on his arm by unseen forces
  • Physical Harm: Tony feels a burning sensation on his neck. When everyone checks it out, they find a welt on his neck. Also, at the exact moment Tony starts feeling the sensation, the physic the GAC invited loses her balance and nearly faints.
  • Puck Device: "think up huge dead", "scratch satan pain kept spirits"


  • Equipment Malfunction: Zak's structured light censored camera freezes up at the same time knocking is heard
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels a presence near the top of the stairs
  • Unexplained Noises: unexplained knock, knock, knock, unexplained noise, unexplained loud noise, unexplained noise
  • Moving Object: a teddy bear starts rolling around by itself
  • Apparition: a ball of light is captured moving out of the room where Aaron heard laughing
  • Physical Contact: Zak starts to feel stunning energy
  • Other Phenomenon: the Tesla radio starts to make weird noises, indicating spirit energy
  • Puck Device: "relax sir", "relax satan building", "Monica Paula attic energy"

Reference Edit

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