Robert Bess
Gender Male
Role Paranormal Investigator and Inventor
Appeared in "Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum"

Robert Bess is a paranormal investigator and inventor. He debuted his Parabot containment chamber during the 2009 Ghost Adventures Live special.

Since 1982, Bess has been applying the theories and experiments of Nikola Tesla to the science of detecting paranormal phenomena. He built his first "Parabot" containment chamber in 2003 and has been refining it ever since, claiming to have contained many intelligent spirits along the way.


Bess stirred up controversy during the 2009 Ghost Adventures Live special when his EMF meter knocked violently out of his hand. However, upon investigation of the video, it was found he instead threw it. On the follow-up Post Mortem special, Zak and Nick admitted to the controversy after they reviewed the video themselves, saying they couldn't find any paranormal explanation for the incident in question.

Season 3 Guests
Mark ConstantinoDebbie ConstantinoRobert Bess

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