Riddle House
Ghost adventures
Location Yesteryear Village at Royal Palm Beach, Florida
Appeared in "Riddle House"
"Home Sweet Hell"

The Riddle House is an old house located in Florida. It was owned by the Riddle family, and before that it was a funeral parlor.


During the Depression, a man named Joseph worked for the Riddle family. Due to a dispute whose cause was never specified, Joseph hung himself up in the attic of the old house. Years later, a fire started in the attic and burned the beams where the noose was hung from. To this day, it is believed a harmful entity lives there, and that entity is Joseph himself.


  • The house was moved from its previous location (which was near a cemetery) to it's current location in a "Yester-Year" type village.
  • A man was hit on the head by a flying plank, believed to have been thrown by Joseph.
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