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Return to Tombstone is the ninth episode of Season 10 of Ghost Adventures. The guys revisit the Birdcage Theater and investigate Big Nose Kate's Saloon for the first time.

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Birdcage Theater

-Apparition: Zak takes four still photos containing a light anomaly

-Other Phenomenon: the old saloon music which was on repeat stopped without explanation

-Physical Harm: Patricia starts to feel uneasy

-Other Phenomenon: Patricia's hair starts to move by itself

-Shadow Figure: The full spectrum cam captures a shadow figure in front of the dice table

-Noises: unexplained footsteps

-EVPs: "I'm trying to hear"

-Apparition: An orb passes in front of the recorder when the EVP is captured

Big Nose Kate's

-Apparition: Using the SLS cam, Zak captures a skeletal figure

-Equipment Malfunction: the SLS cam stops working when Zak approaches the Swamper's cage. The temperature drops at the same time

-Noises: unexplained noises, unexplained footsteps

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