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"Return to Linda Vista Hospital"
Original Airdate: 04/06/12
Season 6 / Episode 5
Los Angeles, CA
For previous investigation, see Linda Vista Hospital (episode).

Return to Linda Vista Hospital is the fifth episode of Season 6 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick & Aaron revisit the horrifying Linda Vista Hospital to contact a spirit of a woman that Nick saw reach out to him in 2009. The guys experiment by building an electrified ghost chamber hoping to manifest the apparition. Chad Lindberg was a special guest celebrity investigator.




  • Physical Contact: 1 week before the lockdown Nick claims that a nurse saw the same apparition he saw but she (the apparition) was covered in blood

  • Apparition: an apparition was seen moving and then disappeared
  • EVP: "can you help...anybody?"
  • Spirit Box: Female voice, "nurse" , "help yourself , "Marge?", "hi", Chad", "Linda Vist_", "a demon", "why are you talking", "I do!"
  • PX Device: "help", "hide", "help"
  • Residual Noises: Gurney wheel noises?
  • Physical Contact: Chad felt something that keeps on shaking his hand.
  • Physical Harm: After the investigation, it is shown that Chad had 3 small scratch marks on his back
  • Apparition: While using the Digital Still Camera, an anomaly obscures Nick's figure and a small, skeletal like face and arm are seen just a few feet away. The apparition was the height of a small child.



  • This is the first we can see a clue of Zak's House
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