Reseda House of Evil is the fourth episode of Season 13 of Ghost Adventures. The GAC travel to Prescott, Arizona to investigate the Palace Saloon, one of the most lavish saloons in Arizona, to look for spirits that died in high-stakes gambling related murders.

Evidence Edit

Investigation Edit

  • Physical Contact: From the first moments the Zak, Aaron, and Billy step into the house, they are immediately affected by the dark energy, feeling dizzy and very negative with extreme difficulty concentrating.
  • Physical Contact: Aaron hears a voice in his ear
  • Visual Sighting: Zak sees a dark fog like mist and right after, Billy sees the same thing come into the room
  • Apparition/Visual Sighting: Right after Billy sees the same dark mist, a strange anomaly is captured in the same area
  • Physical Contact: Aaron starts feeling very panicked and has to leave the house
  • Possession: Billy feels a sudden surge of aggression and yells at Zak
  • Apparition/Physical Contact: At the same time Aaron feels something shoot through him, a bright light anomaly manifests behind him
  • Spirit Box Voices: "I'm human", "Wanna suck it?", "Thank you", "Be careful", "He's here", "It is him" or "Wait a second", "Come in here"
  • Apparition: Zak's camera captures a light anomaly move away from Aaron towards Billy
  • Possession/Physical Harm: Zak feels a sudden strange energy and grabs Billy by the shoulder telling him that there's a demon tricking Aaron. As soon as Billy is grabbed, he breaks down and starts crying saying he felt a disturbing energy overwhelm him
  • Apparition/Other Phenomena/Physical Contact: The thermal imaging camera begins capturing a cold spot on the bed as if something is sitting on it. Soon after, another cold spot appears which seems to move. When Zak approaches the bed, he notices a depression in that same area and also feels a very cold pocket of air
  • Unexplained Noises: Noises (x4)
  • Apparition/Visual Sighting: At the same time Jay notices an anomaly around Zak, a light anomaly is captured going into Zak
  • EVPs: "NO!"