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"Pioneer Saloon"
Original Airdate: 08/16/13
Season 8 / Episode 1
Goodsprings, NV

Pioneer Saloon is the Season 8 premiere of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron journey deep into the Nevada desert to the former mining town of Goodsprings, where they will investigate one of the oldest saloons in the country, Pioneer Saloon. There, they hope to solve the mysteries surrounding the 1942 death of a celebrity in a nearby plane crash.

Preliminary InvestigationEdit



  • Apparition: A fast moving anomaly shoots from the center of the camera's screen upward. It also looks like that the anomaly has a second form that seems to follow it as being an orb.
  • EMF Fluctuation: The REM Pod starts alarming when Zak and Aaron are at the bar and the poker table.
  • Spirit Box Voices: "whisky", "Ruby", "yeah", "two", "unexplained SCREAM", "I think so", "he's here", "nine"
  • Equipment Malfunction: The Spirit Box goes blurry, then its battery gets drained after receiving a voice from it.
  • Apparition: A ball of light shoots from the left of the X camera where the poker table is, folds together then disappears.

  • Residual Noises: High-pitched sound, Shouting


Season 8 Episodes
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