Paul Oleskiwisc
Gender Male
Role Mason/Police Officer
Appeared in "Houghton Mansion"

Paul Oleskiwisc is a police officer who is also a Mason in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Paul showed Zak rock-constructed walls off the stone fence surrounding the Houghton Mansion, saying that they were from the Hoosac Tunnel, a tunnel some distance away where men performed mining during the 1800s. That tunnel was called the "Bloody Pit" because of the nearly 200 men that died working in the tunnel over the years. Paul posed the hypothesis that the rocks are "cursed", and had some role to play in the deaths and misfortune of the Houghtons.

Paul also captured an EVP on the third floor saying "get out!" possibly from John Widders.

He also believes he has encountered the little girl spirit said to haunt the cellar of the Mansion.

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