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Old Montana State Prison is the second episode of Season 11 of Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Adventures Crew visits the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, a place haunted today by a deadly 1959 prison riot. The guys investigate the nature of this riot including a devil worshiping inmate and the infamous gallows. During the lockdown, the guys witness camera batteries inexplicably explode and fizzle acid.

Evidence Edit

Investigation Edit

  • Physical Contact: While in one of the cell blocks, Zak, Aaron, and Billy simultaneously begin feeling extreme anxiety. It is also shown that Billy's heart rate significantly increases
  • Apparition: At the same time they feel anxiety, an orb shoots out of Zak's hand which moves towards Billy and then comes back
  • Apparition: An orb is captured on an X camera coming down directly from the noose in the gallows
  • Unexplained Noises: Loud trap door noise, noises and ruffling, loud noise, footsteps
  • Physical Contact: While in the gallows, Zak feels an intense wave of energy and when he leaves, he feel dizzy and disorientated
  • Visual Sighting: Billy sees movement on the stage in the theater
  • Ovilus Voices: "TOM", "WOODS", "SHOOT", "SELF", "WEAPON"
  • Physical Contact: Aaron and Billy feel an ice cold energy
  • Apparition: A figure is captured on the kinect cam going up and down the stairs in the gallows and moving its arm on command
  • Equipment Malfunction: The X camera shooting inside of the theater goes out
  • Equipment Malfunction: The X camera batteries begin exploding and fizzling acid
  • Spirit Box Voices: "one"
  • Physical Contact: Billy feels electricity across his forehead while he's using the PILFNER device
  • Disembodied Voices: Male voice
  • Apparition: Zak captures a figure using the digital still camera outside in the yard

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