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Ohio State Reformatory
Ghost adventures
Location Mansfield, Ohio
Appeared in "Ohio Reformatory"
"Up Close and Personal"

The Ohio State Reformatory is a former prison in Mansfield, Ohio. It is currently open for tours, ghost hunts, and a Halloween haunted house. The prison is no longer a functioning prison, but behind it are 2 working prisons, 1 minimum security and a maximum security prison. The prison was originally used as a place to send boys who committed minor crimes. It then became a maximum security prison that housed some very dangerous criminals.



  • The Hollywood Ghost Hunters were founded because of this prison. According to Rick McCullum, he and Kane Hodder were doing a movie shooting, and they decided to go do an investigation. At one point, Kane starts chasing an entity, and Rick realizes he found a partner, and they formed the Hollywood Ghost Hunters.
  • It was also used as the prison for the popular movie, Shawshank Redemption.
  • The movie Air Force one was also filmed here.
  • Godsmack Filmed The song "Wake" at OSR. (Ohio State Reformatory) 
  • Lil Wayne filmed his video for "Go DJ at the prison
  • WWE did a photo shoot there with WWE superstar Triple H
  • The Prison was also in the movie Tango and Cash for various scenes
  • The movie Fallen Angels was almost entirely filmed here.  
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