Oddfellow's Asylum is the ninth episode of season 11 of Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Adventures Crew travels outside of Kansas City to Liberty, Missouri for their lockdown inside the old Oddfellow's Asylum, the current home of the famous Belvoir Winery. Formerly a former old folks home & orphanage, with over 10,000 reported deaths. The guys uncover horrifying tales of the Oddfellows secret society, which used human remains for their dark rituals.

Evidence Edit

Investigation Edit

  • Unexplained Noises: Noise, Footsteps, Knocking
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels an intense static electric energy
  • Equipment Malfunction: The audio of the X camera shooting Zak receives strange interference
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels an icy cold presence around his hands
  • Disembodied Voices: Unexplained GROWL sound, "Do that again", Child singing
  • Ovilus Voices: "NICK", "SEND", "NICK", "PAULA", "OUT", "FUNERAL"
  • Spirit Box Voices: "You take it", "How ya doin", "I murder", "I'm back", "Several"
  • Apparition: A mist like anomaly shoots out of the environmental device reader
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels something grab at his wrist
  • Possession: While by himself for two hours trying to do an EVP session, Billy slips into a catatonic state and loses track of time. Aaron comes back for him and Billy is unresponsive to him. But Billy thought he was there for two minutes and sees Aaron come in after the time he thought he been there.
  • Debunked: A headless patient dummy sitting in a chair by the window with a medical walking cane in the right hand.

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