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Myrtles Plantation is the second episode of Season 9 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Louisiana to investigate a plantation, a now bed and breakfast. They head down to the mansion to interact with the spirit of Chloe, a slave who got her ear cut off as a punishment and accidentally killed the Woodruffs with poison. It is claimed that Chloe and the Woodruffs still reside in the house and that the two daughters of Clark Woodruff, have been seen in the mirror, showing only their handprints.

Preliminary InvestigationEdit

The guys wanted to do a voodoo ritual on site before lockdown after asking around about the significance of voodoo magic in the plantations history. The tour guide they asked lied about knowing anything about voodoo even though she is a teacher of voodoo magic. Zak talks to one of her students and asks him to do the ritual before the owners of the plantation refuse allowal of any voodoo ritual; suggesting they know more than they are letting on



  • Residual Noises: Slamming, Sounds, Noises, Man in agony, Door rattling
  • Spirit Box Voices: "behind you", "yeah", "Winter"
  • Equipment Malfunction: As the door was rattling, the X camera stopped recording
  • Apparition: The thermal imaging camera picked up dark mass manifested at the other side of the chairs at the same time the door was rattling and the X camera malfunction
  • Physical Contact: As Nick turned away from the ball, the ball fell down the stairs on it's own hitting hard the x camera that captured it happen



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