Moundsville Penitentiary
Location Moundsville, WV
Appeared in "Moundsville Penitentiary"
"Dead Men Walking"
"Obsessions and Possessions"
"West Virginia Penitentiary" (Paranormal Challenge)

Moundsville Penitentiary (マウンズビル刑務所 Maunzubiru Keimusho), sometimes addressed as West Virginia Penitentiary (Simplified Chinese: 西维吉尼亚监狱) (Traditional Chinese: 西維吉尼亞監獄) (Pinyin: Xi Wéijíníyǎ Jiānyù) or Moundsville Prison is a former prison located in Moundsville, West Virginia.

For almost 1,000 men, this prison was the last stop on their lives of crime, either executed by hanging or electric chair or murdered by other inmates through gruesome methods, or escaping through suicide. By many accounts, some of the tortured souls/spirits who served time here remain.

Moundsville had the dubious honor of being on the United States Dept. of Justice's top 10 most violent correctional facilities during its 190-year history, and one of the most bloody institutions in the nation. A noteworthy riot took place at the penitentiary in 1986, where the inmates went into combat against the prison guards.

In 1995, the prison closed its doors for real, but by many accounts the ghosts of 998 men who died in here still roam free.

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