Mary Houghton was the daughter of A.C. Houghton.

On August 1st, 1914, Mr. Houghton and Mary decided to go to Bennington for a pleasure drive in a brand-new Pierce-Arrow touring car, driven by the family's longtime chauffeur John Widders and accompanied by a doctor, Mrs. Hutton from New York. About 9:30AM, they came up what is now Oak Hill Road and came across a team of horses parked on the right side of the road. Widders turned the car left around it, but the engine started to race at a shoulder bend and the car toppled down a hillside, rolling over three times until it came to rest in an upright position in a farmer's field. Mr. Houghton and Widders escaped with minor injuries, but Mrs. Hutton was killed instantly and Mary Houghton died of her injuries at 3:00PM.

The ghost of Mary possibly appeared in her room at the Houghton Mansion in a infrared-photo taken by Zak. A mist formed by the table. Her footsteps are possibly heard prior to the photograph being taken.

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