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Market Street Cinema is the fifteenth episode of Season 7 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron head to San Francisco to investigate a century-old theater -- now a strip club and home to a dark entity that stalks women and hurts men. Zak has a terrifying encounter when a psychic dancer at the club tells him personal details about his family. Was the malevolent spirit speaking through her in an effort to scare Zak away?




Preliminary InvestigationsEdit

  • Possession/Oppression: Marina, the psychic stripper, started to become more agitated the deeper they went into the basement, and Zak started to feel uncomfortable
  • Spirit Box: "nope", "never", "drugs"
  • Noises : unexplained cough, unexplained wheezing



  • Noises: unexplained footsteps, unexplained rolling/dragging sounds, unexplained growl or scream
  • EVP: "white car", "heart attack", "unexplained raspy voice", "Gary", "get out", "don't throw me out", "get out"
  • Spirit Box Voice: "who's that", "bingo", "James"
  • Apparition: a ball of light appeared near Debby's leg and disappeared into her jacket
  • Equipment Malfunction: camera 1's footage stopped when Zak walked in the room
  • Equipment Malfunction: Aaron's flashlight battery drained
  • Physical Contact/Moving Object: Nick feels like something is pulling his shirt at the same time that the camera caught his shirt being pulled
  • Physical Harm: Zak feels a dark presence right before the spirit box says "James"
  • Electronic Malfunction: the light started to blink in Morse Code
  • Apparition: a ball of light appeared at the left side of a support post and disappeared at the right side
  • Ovilus X: RUN
  • Apparition: the full spectrum camera captured a woman's face in the basement tunnels



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