Manresa Castle is the third episode of Season 11 of Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Adventures Crew sets sail to Port Townsend, Washington to investigate the claims of violent hauntings at Manresa Castle. The GAC investigate claims of poltergeist activity, violent and possible demonic activity, as well as an abundance of other occurrences. During the lockdown, an entity mimics and torments Aaron.

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • Moving Object: One of the doors in the breakfast room is heard opening and is seen by Zak opening
  • Moving Object: As Zak is commanding the spirit to open or close the door again, the door is captured opening slightly
  • EVP: "please help"

Investigation Edit

  • Unexplained Noises: Door creaking, Footsteps, Banging noises, Plastic ruffling noises, Tapping sounds
  • Visual Sighting: Aaron claims he sees a child below the stairs
  • Disembodied Voices: Child laughing, "WHOA!"
  • EVP: "someone is here", "get off that table"
  • Physical Contact: While Billy is in the basement, he begins feeling icy cold and feels that there is a presence with him
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Natalie", "stay out!", "trouble", "enter"
  • Physical Contact: While Aaron is doing a spirit box session, he feels very cold and the hair on his arm begins to stand on end
  • Apparition: And orb is captured while Billy is by himself in one of the bedrooms
  • Unexplained Phenomena: The phone in the room Aaron is doing his EVP session begins to ring
  • Apparition: Using Bill Chappel's knew visual device, they capture what appears to be a face moving from left to right
  • Moving Object: One of the X cameras captures a chair in the breakfast room tilting to the left

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