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"Magnolia Plantation"
Original Airdate: 06/26/09
Season 2 / Episode 4
Natchitoches, LA

Magnolia Plantation (sometimes titled "Magnolia Lane Plantation") is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Natchitoches, LA, to investigate the Magnolia Plantation. Many slaves labored and died at this cotton plantation, which was built in 1830. The crew looks for evidence of voodoo rituals slaves may have used to seek revenge on the owners.




  • Apparition: During a voodoo ritual, a picture is taken which shows a woman's face morphing out of a candle.

  • Residual Noises: Knocking, Thumping, Footsteps, Man shouting, Music playing, Tapping, Chanting/Screaming
  • EVPs: "go back", "hello?", "hey", "Aaron" 
  • EMF Fluctuation: The EMF detector spiked to 4, contacted with Nick (Nick became all cold), then went back to 0.
  • Apparition: While in a "secret attic" of the main house that is filled with gourds, Zak sees a greenish ball of light at the bottom left corner at the end of a corridor, that slowly moves to the left, out of sight of the camera.
  • Visual Sighting/Residual Noises: While in the basement in the shackles, Zak says he sees a ball of light the same time Aaron hears footsteps.
  • Other Phenomena: A cabin that was locked and had nobody in it had its lights turned on and off more than seven times (one time Zak and Aaron saw from the other cabin they were in). On 2 occasions, the light seems to turn off or on in direct response to Zak's questions. The park ranger said it never had happened before.
  • Physical Contact/Continuous Noises: The energy around Zak and Aaron in the cabins changes. Moments later, a chanting/screaming noise is heard in the room where Zak is. It is possible that Zak might have started a ritual with all his yelling, that Aaron thought was provocation.


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