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Linda Vista Hospital is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Ghost Adventures. During its existence as an operating hospital in East Los Angeles, Linda Vista Hospital was deluged with dying gang members and innocent bystanders killed in the midst of a gangland war zone.




  • EVPs: "maybe", "stop it", "Nick", "ready or I come", "thank you", "don't leave me".
  • Residual Noises: Humming, Male voice, Screaming, Banging, Whispering, Moaning, Knocking, Sick patient breathing
  • Disembodied Speaking: Voices, Female singing, Screaming, Girl's voice, Breathing
  • Apparition: A strobing white orb darts to different parts of the hallway, and goes into a door.
  • Apparition: A 6ft tall white misty figure passes by a chair that was said to move by itself.
  • Equipment Malfunction/EVPs: Aaron's camera malfunctions as Zak asks questions to the little girl. They also record a humming of the girl the same one that was picked up by people months ago.
  • Apparition/Equipment Malfunction: Nick sees an full - bodied apparition of a woman standing in front of him, and he gets spooked of his life. At the same time this happens, Nick's camera freezes for one full second. Oddly, Aaron's camera freezes the same time as Nick's camera.
  • Word Database: "yeah you did", "leave", "dead"



  • The first Los Angeles investigation.
  • The second California investigation.
  • This was also an investigated location in "The Othersiders".

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