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"Letchworth Village"
Original Airdate: 10/28/11
Season 5 / Episode 6
Haverstraw, NY

Letchworth Village is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick & Aaron travel to Letchworth Village, an abandoned mental institution complex in Haverstraw, NY, to reveal a powerful and addictive force that compels locals to persistently revisit the haunted grounds.




  • Physical Contact: The crew feels that some type of energy is leading them into different parts of the building.
  • Residual Noises: Screaming, Knocking, Male voice
  • EVP: "shut up you Prick", "pray your God", "you're taunting me", "then come get me", "then talk"
  • Spirit Box Voices: "attack", "please help", "this way"
  • Continuous Noises: Throughout a short part of the lockdown, a long siren noise can be heard.
  • Apparition: A large shadow figure is seen moving behind a window and disappears behind one of the studs on the window.
  • Visual Sighting: Zak claims that he saw a very dark and terrifying demonic creature move across the hallway where a lot of unexplained noises were coming from.
  • Physical Contact: Nick feels something push him out of a room.
  • Apparition: Just before Nick feels an unseen force push him out of the room he was in, either 1 or 2 light anomalies jump towards Nick and push him out of the room.


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