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"King's Tavern"
Original Airdate: 04/19/13
Season 7 / Episode 18
Natchez, MS

King's Tavern is the Season 7 finale of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron make their first trip out to Mississippi to visit the oldest building in Natchez: King's Tavern, home to a legendary bloody dagger. Locals discovered the dagger in the fireplace, and the public has not seen it for over 30 years. People claimed the dagger was used in the murder of the most infamous ghost in the King's Tavern's history, Madeline, the mistress of the tavern's first owner, Richard King.




  • Spirit Box Voices: "Andy," "Madeline," "help," "we'll get ya," Baby's voice, "yeah," "let us go"
  • Physical Contact: While conducting a spirit box session, Zak's arm hair stands on end and feels a strong presence. Zak also describes his session as dramatically changing the energy of the house for the duration of the investigation.
  • Apparition: An orb shoots out of the Spirit Box when Zak is near the camera.
  • Moving Object: A sheet set up to block light from the streets was torn off one of the windows. When Zak and Nick investigate the incident, they realize the gaffe tape used to hold it had gone missing.
  • Apparition: An orb is seen moving around the room the same time the sheet is torn off of its position.
  • Residual Noises: Noises, Banging
  • Disembodied Voices: Female Voice
  • Apparition: A cylindrical light is seen moving towards the banging noise in the basement.
  • Apparition: A mist is seen flying by the X Camera in the room where the sheet was torn down after Zak and Nick leave the room.
  • EVPs: "I can say, say your names," Unexplained creepy laughter
  • Possession: Nick begins to feel an intense energy overwhelm him and is eventually deeply affected by an entity to the point that he is stuck in an unreceptive state in the building.
  • Apparition: A pulsating orb is seen slowly moving from the rocking chair to a different chair on the third floor.
  • Physical Contact: In the same room that the orb was captured moving from chair to chair, Aaron feels as if there are spirits all around him.
  • Word Database: TRAVEL, OUTSIDE
  • Physical Harm: Aaron gets his back grabbed on the third floor.
  • Apparition: A ball of light shoots out of Billy's head on the third floor.
  • Possession: Billy is affected by a similar energy to Nicks possession, only Billy's was more serious, as it caused a serious heart problem as well as being unresponsive and losing track of time.
  • Other Phenomena:
    • Zak states that as they left the location, there was a house in a fiery blaze, thousands of crows were watching them leave and would not let them go down the road they were on.
    • Nick's phone had random words in a text message mentioning bothersome spirits and Madeline.
    • A tornado struck Natchez two days after, and looking at a satellite radar, the tornado belt was shaped like a dagger, with the tip pointing towards Natchez.


This is the first time since Billy Tolley had joined the GAC that he was seriously effected by the paranormal.


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