Jack Ashcraft
Ihbcuhd Sedamsville Rectory
Gender Male
Role · Byzantine Catholic priest
Appeared in "Sedamsville Rectory"
"Exorcist House"
Ghost-adventures ss sedamsville-rectory 002 596x334
...with Ghost Adventures Crew

Fr. Jack Ashcraft is a Byzantine Catholic priest and exorcist.

About Fr. Jack Ashcraft

Fr. Ashcraft is a traditionalist Byzantine Catholic priest and adherent of the sedevacantist position on the papacy. He is an internationally recognized authority on cults, the occult, exorcism, possession and Patristics. He is a media professional, having been a talk radio host as well as an acting consultant for programming on Animal Planet, CNN, Travel Channel, and National Geographic Channel. Father Ashcraft has appeared on a wide variety of media,including "Straight Talk with Scott Ross", "The Jesse Lee Peterson Show", Australia's "Sunday Night Safran", "The Mike Siegel Show", and many more. He is an internationally recognized authority on the topics of the preternatural, exorcism, possession, spiritual warfare, cults, the occult, and is a strong advocate of Patristics. He is at the forefront of the exposure of the Freemasonic and occult conspiracy within the Vatican, and the conspiratorial nature of the New Age Movement and Globalism.

Father Ashcraft rejects the Second Vatican Council and it's Modernism and is a sedevacantist.

Author and Columnist

Fr. Ashcraft is the author of several books, including a two volume set titled "The Real Exorcist". He was a monthly columnist for Intrepid Magazine, penning the "Bare Fisted Cleric" column, dealing with issues of spiritual and social import from a traditionalist Catholic perspective. He is now editor and owner of Vexilla Regis Journal, where his article continues.


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