The GAC split up and investigate three hauntings around Hollywood, California. Zak and Jay investigate the local American Legion Post 43, where it is believed to be haunted by a bartender who died after falling backwards down a staircase, and is also home to some celebrity spirits, including Charlie Chaplin, and Harry Lucenay. Billy and Aaron investigate the Hollywood Sign to find the spirit of Peg Entwistle after her suicide from jumping off the "H" on September 16th 1932, and also investigate two areas in Griffith Park, the old merry-go-round, where the ghost of a boy is seen, and the old Griffith Park Zoo, where a female spirit is seen.

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • Physical Contact: Zak feels a sudden rush of sadness in the stairwell of the legion
  • Other Phenomena: The lights in the pool room flicker on and off several times
  • Physical Contact: Everyone in the pool room feels very emotional

Investigation Edit

The American Legion

  • Apparition: An orb is captured going into Zak
  • Physical Harm: Zak feel extreme pain in his neck while in the pool room
  • Physical Contact: Zak and Jay begin feeling chills while in the pool room
  • Unexplained Noises: Metal Noise, Unexplained footsteps
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels chills in the bar
  • Apparition: One of the X cameras captures a tall shadow figure moving left to right
  • Apparition: A light anomaly is captured on the stairwell
  • Physical Contact: Zak and Jay feel like they are being watched
  • Physical Contact: Jay feels intense chills
  • Disembodied Voices: Unexplained demonic HISS
  • Equipment Malfunction/Apparation: Jay films himself sleeping but his camera moves on its own as Jay is sleeping he wakes up a little and goes back to sleep then the camera shuts off on its own. Jay wakes up and see a figure leaving the camera before he notices his camera was unplugged
  • Movement of items: Jay's bed was moved as the rug was bunched up.
  • EVPs: "Let me hit you"

Hollywood Sign/Griffith Park

  • Spirit Box Voices: "Yes", "William"
  • Apparition: A black arm is captured behind one of the letters on the digital still camera

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