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"Hales Bar Marina and Dam"
Original Airdate: 04/29/11
Season 4 / Episode 23
Haletown, TN

Hales Bar Marina and Dam is the twenty-third episode of Season 4 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the haunted Hales Bar Marina. The marina sits on former Native American lands, and it's disturbed by a Cherokee curse. Their investigation gets disrupted when Zak and team encounter a tornado.




  • Other Phenomena: Before the guys go on a boat to a cave down the river, a big storm comes about, causes evacuations, spawns tornadoes and flips a dock over. Zak believes it may be the curse of Chief Dragging Canoe, since they were going to go to the cave where the clan resided.
  • Noises: Crashing, Footsteps, Chanting
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels something grab him while up in one of the catwalks above a whirlpool.
  • Apparition: Using the thermal camera, Zak captures a mass as it moves away from Aaron in the catwalks.
  • EVP: "yer f**ked", "you're all gonna get shot", "leave before...", "unexplained children/female voices", "come on, come on, okay", "tell your_________"
  • EMF Fluctuation/Visual Sighting: The EMF Detector goes off due to a presence of high energy, after when Aaron saw a unexplained apparition figure with his own eyes while being in front of Zak and Nick.


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