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Fear Factory is the fifth episode of Season 9 of Ghost Adventures. The guys head down to an abandoned cement factory turned into a haunted attraction. Ironically, the place is a hot spot of activity. During the factory's operation, employees were crushed and mangled in the machinery while others were burnt to death by an blazing inferno. To make things even more creepy, the location holds the address, 666.

Preliminary InvestigationEdit



  • Equipment Malfunction: As Jay was giving Billy the headphones, one of the X cameras went off
  • Other Phenomena: As Zak, Nick, and Aaron investigate the source of the strange sounds, the electricity to the entire building mysteriously goes off and later, right when Zak captures an evp "it's coming" the electricity comes back on.
  • Unexplained Noises: LOUD BANGS, Strange crawling noises, Noises
  • EVPs: "it's coming", "Billy"
  • Spirit Box Voices: Female voice, Same female voice, "I did it"
  • Apparition: A bright spinning anomaly appears and hesitates for a second before disappearing into Chris.
  • Disembodied Voices: Moaning, Dark voice, Laughter
  • Physical Contact: Aaron feels the energy in the hell's silo change as Chris begins to read the satanic verses.
  • Physical Contact: Before the lockdown begins, Billy claims that when he was in the hell's silo, he felt like he was constantly being followed and refused to come back.


  • During the satanic book reading by Chris, most of the quotes were bleeped, in order to prevent demonic activity to occur to who watches and/or listens in that part.


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