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"Exorcist House"
Original Airdate: 10/04/13
Season 8 / Episode 7
The Exorcist House
St. Louis, MO

Exorcist House is the seventh episode of Season 8 of Ghost Adventures. For their 100th episode, Zak, Nick and Aaron visit St. Louis to investigate the notorious Exorcist House, the site of the most famous possession in paranormal history, which was later portrayed in a critically acclaimed book and movie. The guys dig even deeper to learn about the original exorcism that occurred on March 16, 1949. The team submit their EVP evidence to Fr. Jack Ashcraft, an exorcist, for his analysis later, after both the priest and Zak are hit with dehydration at the exact same time, keeping the exorcist from making the trip to the house as planned.

Preliminary InvestigationEdit



  • Other Phenomena: During interviews, the upstairs window cracks without an explanation.

  • Physical Contact: While GAC were discussing whether they should use the ouija board, the thermal imaging camera went off.
  • Spirit Box Voices: "he needs help", "ouija board", "trouble", "Devil", "Diablo"=Devil in Spanish, "come in demon"
  • Physical Harm: Zak felt a dark entity around him.
  • Equipment Malfunction: With the window shut and the air-conditioner removing any humidity there was no explanation as to why the humidity rise 10% along with the 5 degree temperature increase.
  • Equipment Malfunction: At the Kinect screen Bill saw Aaron flash out and in out of the Kinect camera.
  • Physical Harm: Bill and Aaron both felt the same static electricity.
  • Apparition: As Zak was talking about religious terminology a blue ball manifested behind Zak and then disappear near Zak.
  • Residual Noises: LOUD BANG


According to Zak Bagans through Twitter, the investigation of the house was the scariest lockdown ever, claiming it was 100 times worse than Bobby Mackeys.


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