Exorcism in Erie is the sixth episode of Season 14 of Ghost Adventures. Zak and the crew travel to Erie, Colorado, along with Bishop Bryan Ouellette to perform an exorcism on a young man in order to help rid him of a demonic attachment he obtained after trying to conjure an entity years ago.

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • Physical Contact: Zak feels a sudden rush of cold energy
  • Other Phenomena: The thermal imaging camera picks up on an inexplicable strong heat signature on the end pieces of the bed
  • Physical Harm/Physical Contact: After Jay's heart rate spikes, they notice a large red mark on his cheek, as if he has been slapped

Investigation Edit

  • Physical Contact: During the exorcism, something seems to take control of Chris's hands
  • Other Phenomena: The barometric pressure inexplicably bottoms out almost to zero while Chris is in isolation
  • Visual Sighting: Chris claims to have seem a tall, dark figure come down the stairs
  • Physical Contact: Aaron claims to have heard a female voice
  • Physical Contact: Billy feels extreme anxiety and notices his heart rate spike
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Unknown voice", "Three", "Kill me", "I'm breeding", "His soul"
  • Unexplained Noises: Footsteps
  • Visual Sighting: Zak sees a dark figure come down the stairs
  • Visual Sighting: Billy begins to see a dark figure billowing at the stairs
  • Physical Harm/Visual Sighting: Aaron feels like he's about to black out and at the same time, he says he sees something down the stairs staring at him
  • Disembodied Voices: Unexplained HISS
  • EMF Fluctuation: The mel meter detects several spikes on the second floor
  • Apparition: The kinect camera captures a figure with its arm raised over Billy
  • Physical Contact: While on the bed, Zak feels drained of all his energy
  • Other Phenomena: The mag camera shows the electromagnetic levels spiking
  • Ovilus Voices: "HOUR", "BISHOP", "US"
  • Other Phenomena: A small child sized hand print appears on the wall in the basement which the owners state was not there before
  • Apparition: The mag camera captures a large, dark mass shrouding Chris
  • Physical Contact: After the exorcism is completed, the Bishop is physically effected, showing perspiration, redness of the eyes, and fatigue

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