Edinburgh Vaults
Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Appeared in "Edinburgh Vaults"
"Best Evidence"
"Passport to Hell"

The Edinburgh Vaults are a haunted location located underneath Edinburgh, Scotland.


As their name implies, the Vaults are a series of tunnels and vaults hidden under Edinburgh. They are described as being very old, and were once home to many people. However, long ago they closed and it was believed they were lost. But recently, someone rediscovered the old vaults and they are now open for tours.

Known ghostsEdit

  • Jack - A young boy who likes to grab peoples' hands as they walk through the vaults. It is believed by the GAC that he grabbed a teddy bear they used as a trigger object.
  • Mr. Boots - Real name is unknown, but according to tour guides, he likes to harm people and scare people. He also does not like it when someone (such as Zak) challenging him.
  • The Cobbler - Described as a friendly entity, he used to be a shoemaker for the vaults. He's often seen smiling at people as they walk by what is believed to be his old shop.
  • Unnamed Woman - A female entity that seems to be in the room across from the Cobbler. She is not as friendly as he is, and is seen scowling at people.


  • The vaults were allegedly used by body snatchers to hide bodies they stole from graves.
  • It was buried for a long time and recently re-discovered by a man just digging and discovering the entrance.
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