Edinburgh Manor is the season premiere of Season 11 of Ghost Adventures. In the Season 11 premiere, the GAC travels to the outskirts of Anamosa, Iowa, to investigate the extremely haunted Edinburgh Manor. Built in 1850, the manor housed the incurably insane and has had over 100 documented deaths within its walls. The GAC investigate to find evidence of attacks from the entity known as "The Joker".

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • Physical Harm: One of the interviewees is scratched while asking for the Joker

Investigation Edit

  • Disembodied Voices: Male voice
  • Physical Contact: Zak, Billy, and Aaron all begin to a feel a very intense energy and Aaron's pulse begins to accelerate
  • Equipment Malfunction: The kinect cam shuts off unexpectedly
  • Apparition: Right before the kinect cam shuts off, a small child like figure is captured
  • Other Phenomenon: The digital recorder receives a strange frequency pulse at the same time the figure is captured
  • Equipment Malfunction: The battery on the spirit box keeps going from full to empty and eventually completely malfunctions
  • Ovilus Voices: "ROUND", "APPEAR", "GIRL", "HIDE", "LEVITATION", "HI", "JIM"
  • Unexplained Noises: Noises 2x, Door opening, unexplained CRASHING noise
  • Visual Sighting: Aaron claims to see a tall slender figure where the Joker is presumed to reside
  • Physical Contact/Possession: Ever since Zak enters the building he is deeply affected by the energy. He claims that he feels like a patient and that the only way to escape the building is via a basement window
  • Apparition: A pulsating orb is captured by an X camera leaving one of the rooms
  • Other Phenomenon: Bill Chappel's new detection device vibrates several times indicating the presence of a spirit
  • Moving Object: Billy hears a large crashing noise and when he investigates the source, he discovers a shattered plate on the ground and it appears that the plate had been thrown

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