Double Eagle Restaurant is the fourth episode of Season 14 of Ghost Adventures. Zak and the crew travel to New Mexico to investigate the Double Eagle Restaurant and the Dona Ana County Courthouse. Both buildings have been plagued by death, leading to poltergeist activity that torments investigators.

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • EMF fluctuation: The mel meter detects a spike up to 1.5 near Armando's chair
  • Moving Object: A few of the crystals on the light begin to move on their own
  • Physical Contact: Naomi and Zak sense a presence around them
  • Physical Contact: At the same time Jody feels a freezing presence around her, the thermal camera pointed at her shows her hands having a very dark blue signature

Investigation Edit

Double Eagle Restaurant

  • Apparition/Visual Sighting/Physical Contact: After Billy hears noises in one of the rooms, Zak spots a darting shadow figure in the same room which is also capture on his camera. Billy's camera picks up the same apparition but in a different, anomalous form
  • Moving Object: Zak captures a sign on a table violently getting knocked off
  • Unexplained Noises: Loud noise
  • Other Phenomena: Zak and Billy discover a fork that's oddly halfway off a table
  • EVPs: "The ghost", "Choke", "Unexplained voice"
  • Physical Contact: After Zak feels something pass through him, Billy and him feel a breeze
  • EMF fluctuation: The mel meter spikes to a 0.5 in the same area Zak felt something pass through him
  • Apparition: The x camera in the kitchen captures a strange unexplainable dark mass
  • Puck Device: "Round", "Tom", "Larry", "Boot", "Memories", "Tickle", "See", "Talking"
  • Moving Object: Billy feels something tug at his shirt and the x camera also captures his shirt inexplicably being pulled down by an unseen force

Dona Ana County Courthouse

  • Visual Sighting: Aaron claims to see a shadow figure come up on Jay and shortly after, Jay thinks sees a figure standing next to him, mistaking it for Aaron
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Hi", "Unexplained voice"
  • Apparition: At the same time the "hi" is captured on the spirit box, an orb is captured moving around it

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