Dorothea Puente Murder House is the fifth episode of Season 13 of Ghost Adventures. After an occupant claims to be visited by the late Dorothea Puente, the GAC arrive in Sacramento, California to investigate the former home of the elderly serial killer. During the investigation, the crew finds potential evidence of undiscovered victims, and Zak is crippled by an unseen force.

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • EVPs: "To die", "You're dead"
  • Physical Harm: Michael and Jay both feeling a choking sensation

Investigation Edit

  • EVPs: "I don't care", "Get out!", "GROWL"
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Unexplained male voice", "Hear me?", "Peter", "Hold me", "Jenny"
  • Physical Harm: Zak feels pain in his lower back
  • Ovilus Voices: "BURY", "FIFTEEN (x2)", "EARTHEN", "DIRT", "KILLED", "NIGHT", "EAST"
  • Physical Contact: Zak becomes very lethargic while on the bed. He believes he is feeling the drug state that Dorothea's victims experienced. Shortly after, he collapses off the bed after feeling like he couldn't move any of his limbs
  • Physical Contact: A spirit seems to channel through Billy when he vocally suggests putting a pillow over Zak's face
  • Unexplained Noises: Noises (x3), Footsteps
  • Physical Contact: Throughout the puck device session, Billy can feel pockets of cold air around the device
  • Puck Device: "Ronda", "Count", "Below", "Paul", "Under", "Trap", "Multiple", "Business", "Hell", "Spirits", "Digging", "Cement", "Pine", "Within", "Anthony", "Mandy", "East", "Person", "Foliage"
  • Visual Sighting/Physical Contact: Zak feel something rush up on him and then sees movement
  • Apparition: The SLS camera maps in a figure. When Zak tries to banish it, the figure begins using extreme movements as if agitated

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