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"Demons in Seattle"
Original Airdate: 02/28/15
Season 10 / Episode 10
Seattle, WA

Demons in Seattle is the tenth episode of Season 10 of Ghost Adventures. The crews had traveled to Seattle to investigate the house of Keith Linder. The owner had claimed that the house seemed to be holding some sort of demonic force that was wrecking havoc such as demonic inscriptions written all over the wall, furniture had been turned upside down including glasses throwing, and fire spontaneously ignited in the house. Keith had been documenting these evidences for the past couple of years and the crews had a special meeting regarding the bizarre evidences provided by the owner since most of it had been caught off-camera. The crews finally decided to investigate to determine either this demonic force in the house was one of the most powerful evil forces that they had yet encountered.

The episode ended with no concrete evidence was collected by the crews. Keith reports to the crew that a pair of his jeans were found nailed on the threshold of a doorway.

Preliminary Investigation Edit

To be expanded

Evidence Edit

This episode is by far the most controversial investigation that the GAC has went through, since they collected no evidence.

Reference Edit

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