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Central Unit Prison is the Season 7 premiere of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the recently-closed Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, TX, to be the first investigators to document the spirits of its violent former inmates. With only a couple of stories to help guide the investigation, the guys hope to learn undiscovered facts by communicating with the spirits.




Texas Prison Museum:

  • EVP:"I was shot" or "I was shocked", "yeah"

Central Unit Prison:

  • Noise: unexplained loud bang 5x
  • Physical Contact: the GAC felt an icy cold presence while the mel meter spiked up to a 3.8
  • Physical Harm: At the same time the Mel meter spiked, Zak said he felt aggression and was very uncomfortable
  • Physical Harm and Possession: Nick said felt like something pushing his chest and feel not himself
  • Apparition: A black shadowy figure went across a door
  • Apparition: a white ball appeared to hit Nick's head
  • EVP: "water?", "in here", "he was hurt", "got me"
  • Apparition: Aaron caught a apparition with the full spectrum camera
  • Apparition: a white ball went across the ceiling and went to Zak's head
  • Apparition: Zak caught a apparition with the thermal imaging camera
  • Word Database: GOODBYE
  • Physical Contact:During the investigation as Aaron detects the word "GOODBYE" on the word database, the camera moves 2x being hit while on the tripod



  • GAC is the first and only paranormal crew that gained permission from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to access this facilitate for evidence, before the whole complex is to be demolished within the year of this episode's filming.
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