Title Location Airdate
"Pioneer Saloon" Goodsprings, NV 08/16/13
"Black Swan Inn" San Antonio, TX 08/23/13
"Tuolumne General Hospital" Sonora, CA 08/30/12
"Missouri State Penitentiary" Jefferson City, MO 09/06/13
"Yost Theater & Ritz Hotel" Orange County, CA 09/13/13
"Haunted Victorian Mansion" Gardner, MA 09/20/13
"Exorcist House" St. Louis, MO 10/04/13
"Alcatraz" San Francisco Bay, CA 10/11/13
"Mustang Ranch" Reno, NV 10/18/13
"Thornhaven Manor" Newcastle, IN 10/25/13
"Battle of Perryville" Perryville, KY 11/15/13

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