Title Location Airdate
"Pennhurst State School and Hospital" Spring City, PA 11/06/09
"Poveglia Island" Venice, Italy 11/13/09
"Ohio Reformatory" Mansfield, OH 11/20/09
"Remington Arms" Bridgeport, CT 11/27/09
"Washoe Club/Chollar Mine" Virginia City, NV 12/04/09
"Linda Vista Hospital" Los Angeles, CA 12/11/09
"Execution Rocks Lighthouse" Long Island, NY 12/18/09
"Prospect Place" Trinway, OH 01/01/10
"Clovis Wolfe Manor" Clovis, CA 01/08/10


  • In the Canadian broadcasting of Ghost Adventures, the Old Washoe Club episode appears first, followed by Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Clovis Wolfe Manor, Prospect Place, Poveglia Island and from there, continues the American lineup.

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