Bird Cage Theater
Ghost adventures
Location Tombstone, AZ
Appeared in "Birdcage Theater"
"Death By Wild West"
"Return to Tombstone"

The Bird Cage Theater (鳥かご劇場 Torikago Gekijō) (Simplified Chinese: 鸟笼剧院) (Traditional Chinese: 鳥籠劇院) (Pinyin: Niǎo Lóng Jùyuàn) is one of the most haunted locations in Arizona. It is located in Tombstone, Arizona.


The Bird Cage Theater was once a lively theater/showroom in Tombstone, Arizona. It is also the site of the world's longest poker game, a game that lasted 8 years, 5 months, three days. $10,000,000 was said to have circulated around. The theater ran from 1881-1889, closing when the Silver Boom was done.


Ghost AdventuresEdit

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