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"Battle of Perryville"
Original Airdate: 11/15/13
Season 8 / Episode 11
The H.P. Bottom House
Perryville, KY
The John Dye House

Battle of Perryville is the Season 8 finale of Ghost Adventures. The guys visit the small town of Perryville, KY, to investigate a Civil War battlefield that saw more than 7,600 casualties. They explore 2 former Civil War Hospitals that are allegedly haunted by the ghosts of soldiers: the John Dye House and the H.P. Bottom House. Zak and is crew went out to the die house to hear a male voice say "Daniel. Mcilwaine , and it said it didn't know if it was a confederate or not. When they visited the H.P Bottom house, the equipment got thrown down and the EVP heard a voice say"come to mommy"

Preliminary InvestigationEdit



  • Spirit Box Voices: "I'm sorry for", "yes", "DANIEL", "MCILWAINE", "don't know"
  • Physical Contact: All those re-enactors are emotionally affected

  • Residual Noises: Noises, Loud Bang, Footsteps
  • EVP: "come to mommy"
  • Physical Contact: After Zak hear a loud bang, he then search the entire what had cause loud bang. He then went to the kitchen and saw the Ovilus X was split in half and half of it was on the floor



This is the last Ghost Adventures Episode premiere on Fridays

Season 8 Episodes
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