Zak and the crew return to Tooele, Utah, to investigate a recently abandoned nursing home that shares the same building with a haunted attraction that was in operation during their original investigation of Tooele Hospital in 2011.

Tooele, Utah, US

July 15, 2017

Walkthrough Edit

The crew (minus Nick Groff) returns to Tooele, Utah to once again investigate the Tooele Hospital section Asylum 49 which was an haunted Halloween attraction but now abandon. Zak clearly explains that the two double doors of the asylum were forbidden of them to enter and investigate but has a larger section that's a nursing home 17800 sq feet than the sections that already investigated. The nursing home was in operation but few months ago it was shut down. Zak explains that they are back to investigate the spot that was forbidden but now with the permission to enter.

Zak explains that the last time they arrived, there were nurses who were terrified and explained to him they've seen a dark figure of the spirit of a little girl at 3 am in the morning. They would see this little girl going into the patients rooms closing the doors. Then later as the nurses would enter the rooms to check on the patients, they the nurses would find them dead in their hospital beds after the doors were closes by the dark figure of a little girl. The Chilling part of the story is that the deaths would occur in groups of three.

It is said that the owners of the Asylum would purchase the nursing home with plans to expand the haunted attraction. A move which risk adversely effecting the highly charged resisual energy born from its time as the Tooele hospital. The Crew has been called to investigate the area of the asylum called the Green Mile that's also said to be known for the dark entities to harm, torment and kill the elderly patients. Its possible that the dark forces are still there also they oppose a threat to anyone who dares to enter the green mile.

Kimm Anderson the Owner of Asylum 49 again meets the G.A. Crew after 7 yrs. He (Kimm) explains that the Nurse named Marie Bright who was interviewed by the crew back then had been fired several days after the investigation due to explaining the truth on the show. Marie stated that there were dark entities there that were influencing the death of some of the patients. In an old Interview, Marie states that she saw a black entity passing through the halls going into a room were the patient was. As soon as she and a few nurses chased after the figure into the room they found the patient dead on the floor and the entity was nowhere to be seen.

Marie Bright a former nurse that was fired for telling the truth on the show 7 yrs ago, was brought back to the asylum for another interview. She states to Zak that she was fired after 12 yrs of service due to being reprimanded. Zak states that the patients are living in fear of the dark entity Marie strongly believes that the dark entity had something to do with the death of the elderly as well as believing that there are good spirits there but trapped with no way how to get out and the evil spirits are causing the good spirits chaos in the asylum.

Zak then interviews Dakota Bird who also used to work as a nurse in the asylum. Zak questions him about him responding to the deaths of the place an he says he has. He stated that at 12:00 in the morning he was called into work for the night shift. To look in and address to the body found dead in a room at close to 3 a.m. It's known that 3 a.m. is the devil's hour when the demonic activity is at it's strongest.

Marie takes the crew to a dark room that's really haunted and she says that she ans the nurses really tried to keep people out of that room because of the weird feeling people would get in there. Even Dakota would get a strange feeling being close to that room which would have him concerned for the patients safety.

Kimm tells Zak and the crew about the security camera that was black on the screen as he and the others were reviewing footage. They were about to change the camera and he noticed that someone put a dot made of duct tape on the camera lens. Someone said it was the Janitor that did it. The nurses would sit at the Nurses station watching the cameras at night and would see spirits walk up and down in the hallway. Dakota also believes that there are evil spirits in the building. Dakota was put on a 12 hour night shift from 6pm to 6am, sitting in the nurses station watching the cameras recording throughout the building. Dakota also sees shadow figures on the camera. Also he's been scratched by the ghosts that walk the halls. he was scratched after he completed his shift for the night in the green mile. Dakota said that he went into the kitchen to his locker to get some of his things then he felt burning on his left arm and he noticed 3 scratches. he left anf vowed never to enter the kitchen again.

Cami Anderson the second owner of the Asylum 49 is interviewed by Zak. She tells Zak that she and her group were talking the halls together and she felt someone else not of their group walking behind them and what she was was a dark black figure following them. Then the figure climbed up into the ceiling as they saw it. Dakota believes the Dark entity is dangerous for everyone who faces it.

In the Nursing homem Kimm ropes a hospital bed where a print of a body is seen in it for the last person who passed away in it. During the Preliminary Investigation, Mike is affected by something then sees a shadow disappear. The crew goes back to the green mile area again to see if anything was captured on the camera of the nursing home. As Zak was talking to the viewers on camera he and the others heard 2 little girls or a woman talking and laughing. Zak states that this girl might be hard injure of death in the nursing home then he states that the girl might be aware of their return from last time giving them another warning at the GAC.

Evidence Edit

Preliminary Investigation Edit

  • Physical Contact: Mike the audio technician feels something go "Whooosh" around the back of his head.
  • Apparition: As Mike turns around he sees a long shadow disappear through thin air.
  • Disembodied Voices: As Zak is talking to the viewers at the camera he and the others stop for a moment hearing a unexplained little girl or a woman talking then laughing. Aaron hears another girl laughing also unexplained.

Investigation Edit

  • Visual Evidence/Moving Object: Door to another room slam's on it's own waking Billy up from sleeping. Billy gets up and notices the door he walked past earlier was open, now closed as he comes back to find the source of the noise.
  • Unexplained Noises: While Billy is in the hospital bed at night monitoring his heart rate, he hears an unexplained knocking. Shuffling noises next to billy sleeping. Unexplained Knocking again as Billy is sleeping.
  • Physical Contact: Billy feels a weird sensation around him on the top of his head.
  • Spirit Box Voices: "Unexplained female voice",
  • EVP digital recorder: "Unexplained voice"
  • Spirit Sweep Device: Man's voices: "Please Help me", "Thank you for that", "I'm Back Home"
  • Visual Evidence on SLS camera: "nothing seen"
  • Visual Evidence on Thermal Camera: "nothing seen"
  • Visual Evidence: Billy catches a ball of light (anomaly) going fast to the right of the hallway from left on camera after Zak saw two lines further in the hall.
  • Visual Sighting: Aaron notices a water faucet turn on, something flown across the room. As Aaron rushes to quickly fix the X camera a he passes the room (where the door was shut on its own that woke billy up in an recent investigation on the previous night) as he saw something, enters the room an sees a dark shadow of a man standing and he rushes out going back to nerve center to report what just happened. Aaron and Billy believed that the shadow of the man was responsible for the door slam that was caught on video.
  • Disembodied Voices: During the Spirit box session, Aaron turns it off and thought he heard a voice sound like Zak Bagans but Zak isn't there with him. The voice isn't Captured on the X camera's audio
  • Physical Contact As Zak walks with Aaron and Billy going down the Green Mile hall, a groaning mumble elderly man's voice is heard only into his left ear too close to him and he freaks out screaming terrified briefly. Zak gets the Chills while doing an EVP session.
  • Physical Contact: As Aaron goes into the room where he heard the noises of water running, he freaks out dropping his flashlight as one of his ears get pulled as he is in the hallway.
  • Unexplained Noises: Aaron hears the sound of people wrestling in a bathroom of one of the patient rooms while he goes to fix an X camera. Hears something thrown against the wall.
  • Debunked evidence: What was thought to be two anomalys on the thermal camera was actually Aaron's legs on the metal plate of the door. Zak mistaken as a silhouette of a man coming in a bright light Aaron saw.
  • Unexplained noises: Zak hears footsteps walking in area by the nurses station like the sound og a little girl walking.
  • Unexplained noises: Unexplained walking and running around and doors shutting.

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