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"Ashmore Estates"
Original Airdate: 09/23/11
Season 5 / Episode 1
Ashmore, IL

Ashmore Estates is the Season 5 premiere of Ghost Adventures. The spirits at Ashmore Estates in Illinois have been attacking people and sending them home feeling oppressed. Zak, Nick and Aaron hope to discover these evil entities in order to learn more about their malicious ways.




  • Spirit Box Voices: "Nick", "Adam", "uh-huh", "ha-ha-ha", "unexplained male voice", "unexplained female scream", "yup", "one", "hey Zak", "that's right", "upper"
  • Physical Harm: Nick and Aaron start feeling dizzy when doing the Spirit Box session.
  • Residual Noises: Banging, Ladder noises, Knocking, Loud crashes
  • Possession: Zak starts feeling strange and begins seeing flash images of when Ashmore was in operation.
  • Physical Contact: Nick feels something come down on him as he climbs down the ladder.
  • EVPs: "turn around", "I'll cut you", "don't you dare grab him", "stop playin'", "don't bring that **** down here", "yer gonna pay"
  • EMF Fluctuation: The EMF Detector that Aaron is holding starts alarming at very high levels multiple times.
  • Physical Harm: Aaron starts feeling painful shock in his upper spine, the same time the EMF Detector starts alarming.
  • Physical Harm: An unseen entity scratches Nicks hand while he is alone in the boiler room.
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels a typical feeling on his leg while being in the 2nd floor alone. At that time, the battery power isn't being drained. Zak suggested that the spirit rather used his energy over the battery's energy.
  • Physical Contact: Zak feels an energy around his leg, and while doing the battery test, the battery power isn't drained, suggesting that the spirit rather used Zak's energy over the battery's energy
  • Moving Object: Something is thrown or fallen on the 2nd floor, but it wasn't visual captured on video.
  • Physical Harm: Nick says that it was hard to breathe and it was if something was attacking him.
  • Apparition: Using the full spectrum camera, Zak captures 2 pictures of a shadow figure, and Nick also notes that if you go in the order of the latest to recent pictures, you can see as if the shadow was walking in the room.



  • This is the first Ghost Adventures episode to feature Zak wearing his glasses, which were seen in some Paranormal Challenge episodes prior to this airing.
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