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"Ancient Ram Inn"
Original Airdate: 07/24/09
Season 2 / Episode 8
Gloucestershire, England

Ancient Ram Inn is the Season 2 finale of Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Adventures Crew travels to England to investigate the Ancient Ram Inn. Built around 1145, its long dark history includes a pagan burial ground, ritual sacrifices of children and a possible connection to Stonehenge.




  • Physical Harm: While the GAC were in middle of walkthrough, John, the owner of Ram Inn felt something going through him, causing him much pain, which he said that has never happened to him in the forty years he had lived there.
  • Physical Harm: Right after the owner of the Ram Inn felt something, Zak immediately had headaches which he said that something had just hit him.
  • Physical Contact: During the ritual to open the spiritual gates, Zak claimed had heard the jingling of bells but there were no bells present. Right after the jingling of bells, Zak felt a tingling sensation in between his legs.

  • EVPs: "it's coming", "hate you", "don't tempt me", "...where are you"?, "get out of here", "I'm special"
  • Disembodied Speaking: "I don't like you", Laughing, Voices, Breaths
  • EMF Fluctuation: Zak starts receiving spikes up to a 4.5 on the EMF Detector when he begins recording.
  • Residual Noises: Growling, Knockings, Chanting, Doors slamming
  • Apparition: Aaron captured a dark mist moving very fast in front of his camera.
  • Physical Harm: According to Nick, something was thrown at him while he was alone where the pagan ritual took place earlier.

  • Physical/Emotional Harm: The next night, Zak claimed the he had a disturbing dream. He said that he dreamt of a woman with red eyes that was apparently moving her hands in a taunting way. And when they were going into the car, Aaron noticed that Zak had three scratches on his neck. Zak believes that he had a encounter or something else with the succubus.


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